Hi there! Welcome to my personal site, where I force unsolicited opinions and inane ideas onto you through the wonders of the internet.

Awesome, isn’t it?

I’m unconventional. Why?

Us, Generation Xers. We’re born soft and pliable. We’ve stopped questioning social norms and our core beliefs. Like why do plan our entire career based on an education that was decided when we were 18? Or get married at 30? Why are we asked to fit ourselves into either a technical or artistic personality? Can’t we be both, and why not?

While I reject traditional beliefs at face value, I still need to fit in to society. I travel frequently for fun, while holding a day job, much to the chagrin of others. I experiment and try out far too many things, still trying to find that elusive passion that everyone should have. Or so they say, whoever they are.

But at the end of the day, this is an experiment to see how far can I stray from the model urban citizen. I’ll try to document my thoughts on this blog as we go along.


Freelance Content Writing

Wielding a mastery of the English language as elegantly as a broadsword, I help businesses by writing original articles designed for effective SEO.

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I’m also an avid traveller, and pen my travel stories and travelogues on 2-Week Trips.



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