About Me

Hi there! I’m Gary, a Singapore-based digital marketer and web developer. A digital native and engineer by training, I started my career in project management in DBS Bank, and the moved towards marketing and communications, before co-founding a tech startup, Krib.

Today, I help small businesses with digital marketing consultancy and web development, and run a photography business on the side. I’m also a freelance writer, and have contributed articles to Transferwise, e27 and Hubpages.

My interests are in technology, digital imaging and travel. Always glad to have chat, so add me on social media or drop me a message below!


Having built a career in IT project management and digital marketing, followed by co-founding a tech startup, I’ve gained a fair bit of skills and hands-on experience in everything from product development to program management, and both offline and online marketing and sales.

This is a short summary of the skills I’ve developed over the years.

Digital Marketing

  • Search engine marketing (e.g. Google AdWords)
  • Social media marketing (e.g. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads)
  • Search engine optimisation (both on-site and off-site techniques)
  • Platforms (Facebook Business Manager, Oracle Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, Twitter Ad Platform, YouTube)
  • Analytics (Google Analytics, SocialBakers, native analytics platforms for social media channels)

Web Development

  • Content management system (WordPress, Weebly)
  • Web development using HTML / CSS
  • Setup and integration of Google Tag Manager
  • Setup and integration of third party tools (live chat, heatmaps, exit intents, e-mail campaign management)

Business strategy

  • Development of social media policy
  • Online community engagement strategy
  • Employee training programs

Programming Languages

  • General purpose languages (Java, C, C++, Python, Android development)
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Other skills

  • Languages spoken (English, Chinese, basic Cantonese, basic German)
  • Office / Design software (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Public speaking and training (Certified trainer for the People’s Association)
  • Photography

Freelance Content Writing

I’m available for freelance writing assignments, and am able to write on a range of topics in real estate, technology and travel. Check out my online portfolio.

I’m also an avid traveller, and pen my personal travel stories and travelogues on 2-Week Trips.

Academic Background

While I am formally trained as an engineer, I have hands-on experience or part-time certifications in many other fields. These is a summary of my formal education:

Formal academic education

  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (National University of Singapore)
  • Specialist Deiploma in Web Development (Singapore Polytechnic)
  • ‘A’ Levels (Pioneer Junior College)

Training courses

  • Adobe Photoshop – Beginner to Advanced (ACE Training Pte Ltd, an authorised Adobe training centre)
  • Adobe InDesign – Beginner to Advanced (ACE Training Pte Ltd, an authorised Adobe training centre)
  • Adobe Illustrator – Beginner to Advanced (ACE Training Pte Ltd, an authorised Adobe training centre)
  • The Science and Art of Wine (Singapore Polytechnic)
  • Communication and Relationship Management (Kaplan Professional, WSQ certification)
  • Participate in Negotiations (Capelle Academy, WSQ certification)
  • Provide Colour & Style Coordination For Textile And Fashion Industry (Textile & Fashion Industry Training Centre, WSQ certification)
  • Real Estate Salesperson Examination (Council of Estate Agents)


Got something to say about the site, or want to chat about some common interests or work on a collaboration? Just drop me a mail at garylow[at]hotmail.com or use the contact form below!