Personal website of a digital marketer and photography enthusiast.


Having built my digital marketing career in a couple of financial institutions and a start-up, I'm can run campaigns for organisations of all sizes and complexity.

Search Engine Marketing

Plan and execute Google AdWords campaigns, followed by campaign analysis and optimisation.

Social Media Marketing

Plan and execute Facebook Ad campaigns, followed by campaign analysis and optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

On-site and off-site SEO review and execution, including speed optimisation, keyword analysis and content creation.


I've used these platforms: Facebook Business Manager, Oracle Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, Twitter Ad Platform, YouTube.. and more!


Review your campaign performance with Google Analytics, SocialBakers and native analytics platforms for social media channels.


I build websites using WordPress or Weebly, plus customisation in HTML and CSS.

Content Management System

I build websites using WordPress (more advanced) or Weebly (easy to self-manage).

Google Tag Manager

Integrate Google Tag Manager container and manage all HTML plugins via the platform.

Integration Of Third Party Tools

Set up and run live chat widgets, heatmaps, exit intents, e-mail campaign management and more.


I'm more than a digital marketer. As a business owner, I'll help you drive your business objectives in comprehensive campaigns.

Development Of Social Media Policy

Develop and update social media policies for internal employees and external engagement.

Online Community Engagement Strategy

Speak to your customers online with a singular tone of voice.

Employee Training Programs

Create and run training courses to educate employees on social media publishing and engagement best practices.


With a technical degree and professional experience in Information Technology, I still maintain sufficient working knowledge in the relevant programming languages.

General purpose language designed to work universally on most platforms.
General programming language that provides facilities for low-level memory manipulation.

General programming language that is way easier to learn, but versatile enough to make amazing applications.

Android Development

Built on Java, Android development is spearheading the mobile revolution.


The basic building block of a website. Made up of tags, text and more tags, arranged cleverly to represent information and show pictures of funny cats and dogs on the internet.


If HTML is the bricks to build a website and CSS is the paint, then Javascript is the intelligent home system that makes the internet so much more fun.


I'm not just a geek, you know! Here's a quick rundown of other skills in my repertoire.

Languages Spoken
English, Chinese, Basic Cantonese, Basic German
Office / Design Software
Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Public Speaking And Training
Ex-Toastmasters member and certified trainer for the People's Association
I run a freelance photography and image digitisation business at